Friday, June 26, 2009

My Little French School Girl

To continue the story of my daughter's haircut, several inches are now gone from her head. She insisted that she wanted short hair. She insisted that she wanted hair like Mommy's. She insisted that she was on board with the whole haircut thing.

So, after I cut her hair I asked her if she liked it. Her response was a bashful "Not really."

"I'm sorry you don't like it. What don't you like about it?"

"It's just that I look really different."

"Well, are you going to cut your hair again by yourself?"


So, until her hair starts to grow out, I'll just have to live with my little French school girl. I personally think she is beautiful and I love her hair. Was it the best job on a haircut ever? Um, no. I am surely not very skilled in wielding a pair of styling shears, but considering my inexperience, I count it as more of a success than disaster.

Plus it's comforting to know that hair always grows back.

This new style will be perfect for the hot summer months.

Lookin' good with the hair tucked behind the ears.

Fortunately, she is very confident and secure. She seems pretty unfazed by her new 'do.

I am thinking I should knit her a little pink beret to complete the look pour ma petite fille!


Zil said...

I think it looks exceptionally nice!

Kelly said...

Thank you! The back doesn't look as good as the front, but then, her hair has a mind of its own. :)

Journeying Five said...

she looks adorable!

Towanda said...

Excellent repair job, Kelly.

She looks darling.

PeePaw said...

She looks beautiful! Of course she would she is my grandaughter!

Anna said...