Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Born To Live In A Nancy Meyers House

I am convinced that I should be in a Nancy Meyers film ... if only to get to live in one of her houses!  The interior design of the fictional homes is the real star of her movies.  In fact, I'd say that I watch her movies JUST to drool over the charming kitchens and homey living rooms.

The first time I watched The Father of the Bride I was hooked.  Not only was the exterior of the house spectacular, but the interior décor is what made me want to move in and never leave.  It's the details that perfect the mood and set the scene.

Mmmm, the arched built-in shelves, the warm butter cream walls, and the chic slip-covered furniture are positively inspiring ... even 16 years after the film was made.

The Father of the Bride house was on the feminine side with its floral pillows and soft colors, so its counterpart had to have been the vineyard house in Meyer's remake of The Parent Trap.  It was undoubtedly masculine and rustic.  Everything was large and manly ... and I LOVE it!

Just look at that fireplace - have you ever seen anything more magnificent?  The dark and rich colors and terracotta floors make me want to curl up next to the fire and eat some hearty soup!  Or maybe sip some cocoa or mulled wine.

In keeping with the California theme, I must post pics of Meryl Streep's home in It's Complicated.  Set in the Southern California town of Santa Barbara, this 1920's Spanish style house is worthy of some serious salivating.

Hello gorgeous!  The slipcovers in neutral shades balance out this living room.  The details are both feminine and masculine, creating a mash-up of the Father of the Bride living room and The Parent Trap living room in my opinion.  The high wooden beams of the ceiling are a stunning feature and I just might have to have that pedestal table!  I had read somewhere that Meyers had the interior of this house done in warm peach tones to compliment Meryl Streep's complexion.  How brilliant!

This kitchen makes artichokes and tomatoes look SO good!  The neutral colors make the fruits and vegetables pop, and it has sturdy surfaces in which to whip up a late morning brunch or a loaves of French bread.  Oh, and I find the caning on the facades of the cabinets to be rather delightful.

Aside from the thoughtful details of the set direction, Meyer's team of experts did a tremendous job of lighting design.  All of her films feature homes that are bathed in a "natural" light, often set in California, that give you that warm fuzzy feeling.

If my house was this well lit, it would make it a lot easier to get out of bed in the morning!  This living room from Cameron Diaz's house in The Holiday is clean and well-appointed.  However, it looks unused and a little bit cold, which was designed to reflect the unemotional character of Amanda Woods.

As a juxtaposition of the Los Angeles house in The Holiday, this stone cottage in wintry England is very warm and well used.  It is cluttered, but in an organized manner, and the worn velvet and ticking fabrics are inviting and comfy.  I am now convinced that a drum makes the most charming side table.

Then there is the greatest Nancy Meyers house of them all ... the South Hampton beach house from Something's Gotta Give.  I know I have mentioned this house before, but I can't help it, it is PERFECTION in my eyes and a total dream house.

Blue and white is my ideal combination.  There is something about it that is fresh and clean and quintessentially coastal.  This two-story living room has a warm elegance to it that I crave for my own home.  Stacks of books on the sofa table and vases of lilac and hydrangeas make my eyes dance.  I want to live here ... SO bad!

The reason I am in such an aesthetic kind of mood is that we are buying a house!  In just a few weeks we will move out of our rental house and into our new home where I can begin the exciting task of placing furniture and creating a homey space for my family.  While it isn't exactly a house in the Hamptons or a Beverly Hills mansion, we are very excited about our new place.  It sits on 1/3 of an acre with a big backyard (complete with a swing set for the kids) and was renovated in 2009.  This means that there isn't much that we have to do to it to make it comfortable, but there will be freedom to make a few custom modifications.  I can already tell that the hickory hardwood floor will make for an excellent photo background, and for the first time in my life I will cook on a gas range.  

I'm a homebody.  I look for comfort and little things that make me smile.  Even though it is a few weeks until we move, I've decided to start early and cozy up our current house a bit.  Starting with these springtime beauties ...

Now these, like Nancy Meyer's decorating genius, make me smile.


heather said...

FUN! Glad you have found a house. I am looking forward to seeing pictures of it. Isn't decorating so much fun?!

Kelly said...

Yes, I will definitely be posting some photos! But Heather, I can do better than that - the next time you are down here in our neck of the woods we'll have you over :)

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Wow, you've already found a house; that was fast, but how wonderful! I'm looking forward to seeing your delicious photos... and I love your photo at the end of this post.

Elyse said...

I'm drawn to her movie sets as well! I actually posted that same Santa Barbara kitchen after I saw the movie... sigh so gorgeous. She has definite panache. As do you, obviously =) Hope you're well!!