Monday, October 31, 2011

It's So Much Fun It's Spooky!

What do you get when you combine a few robust pumpkins and a man with an extensive collection of power tools?  Some rather fun characters!

Fearing that time was running out to carve pumpkins, we hurriedly began the process at 7:45pm the night before Halloween (the kids go to bed at 8:00!). We opted for a happy face since we don't do scary around here. Seeing the curved lines I was drawing, my husband muttered something like "Oh man ... not the curvy lines!" and went out to the garage to fetch a tool.  He returned with an electric jigsaw and began cutting away.  I have to say, it did a great job and saved us a lot of time!  Plus it's a great story to tell.

Oh, but he didn't stop there! This morning he created this not-so-happy face with ... yup you guessed it ... a blow torch. 

And THAT'S how it's done around here, folks!