Monday, July 14, 2008

Born to be a Tonka Man

When I was in the hospital having my son, my parents had a little shopping spree preparing for the new bundle of joy. We knew ahead of time that we were having a boy, so naturally they bought a large Tonka dump truck. This thing is great! It comes with tools and a construction hat that seemed so big at the time of my son's birth, but now I think it fits on his head.

When we brought him home we thought it would be so funny to take a photo of him in the truck. We thought we were so clever. As it turns out, the Tonka website features photos uploaded by, well, anyone with a kid and a Tonka truck.

Then, just the other day I discovered him pushing the truck around his room for about an hour. He is mesmerized by anything with wheels, and instinctively makes “vrooom, vrooom" noises. I think boys are born with that!


PeePaw said...

BTW, my milk truck was a TONKA also!

PeePaw said...

Reading this reminds me of my famous (or maybe infamous) milk truck. It had little milk bottles that I would leave and pick up again at all of our neighbors homes. The milk truck was just the right size for me to sit on and propel using my feet. I thought I was sooooo cool!!