Monday, September 8, 2008

Jeep Archaeology

We can add another job title to my husband's resume - Jeep Archaeologist! As mentioned in a previous post, my husband has been fixing up an old Jeep Willys and it has been quite a process. Aside from replacing engine parts and giving the car a good washing, he has been digging to find some kind of identification information. Under layers of paint that range from the original army green, to bright red, to off white, he thinks he has finally found the necessary plaque.

It turns out that the vehicle may not actually be a CJ5 (civilian Jeep) as suspected, but rather an M38A1 which is a military rig. In my opinion that makes it a little cooler and more interesting. I would love to know what it was used for and who drove it. Being a 1950s vehicle, maybe it was used in the Cold War on highly classified operations - it turns out that this model of Jeep was used primarily in the Korean War. There is still much to find out about Kilroy, that will ultimately help us to decide on what color to paint it and what upgrades to make. I personally think it would be neat to keep it looking military and utilitarian.

Dutch Army M38A1


PeePaw said...

Yes, but did they use a stick to see how much gas was in the tank?

How is Erin doing in school?

Kelly said...

That's a great question! One more thing to research.

She is doing very well. I actually think it may not be challenging enough for her right now, but she is making friends and loves her teacher.