Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Shameless Plug

On my blog I usually talk about personal stuff: interests, discoveries, my family, myself ... But today I decided to write about something professional. As I have mentioned before I am a graphic designer. I design things from posters and flyers to playbills and announcements. In the past few years I have ventured into the world of web design.

Web design is a whole different world from print design because it is a much more involved undertaking and you must have an understanding of how things work, not just look. Though there is still so much for me to learn, my skills have grown a lot over the last year and I feel that I am setting my web style. When designing a website, I really try to look at the site from a viewer's perspective. It needs to be clean, clear, easy to navigate and engaging.

The reason I am bringing up all of this is because today I launched a site that I have been working on lately. I am proud of it and when I look over it I have that satisfied feeling; that aaaahhhhhh feeling that things really fell into place. The challenge that this site presented for me was to design something beautiful for a CPA firm. In my research of other CPA firm sites I found many of them to be predictable, old fashioned and boring. So, while keeping things professional looking and appropriate to the type of business, I came up with this: I think I achieved what I set out to do!


Zil said...

You should feel very proud! It has a great feel and interface.

Kelly said...

Thank you! I am proud. I think the client is pretty pleased too, which is the most important thing.