Thursday, November 13, 2008


Our little ones are starting to fall into their traditional roles as siblings: they bug each other, they fight, and they boss each other around. I can't help but think it is funny when my daughter says, "Mooooooooooom, he's bugging me" and then I hear my son letting out a devious giggle. Yes, they are definitely growing up.
Our son loves music. In fact, his favorite song is Somewhere Over the Rainbow ... and now he actually tries to sing it! He has discovered his voice, and what a sweet one it is. Though he can barely talk, he can carry a tune and his sweet little attempts at singing a song is music to my ears.
If my daughter ends up being a politician someday, I would not be surprised! My husband described her as "a little Republican"; and with her type A personality and admirable abilities in recruiting people to do things for her, I think his observation is dead on. She feels there is a certain way to do things and she never steps outside of the box ... except when it benefits her. Apparently while my husband and I were away for the weekend she tried to convince Meemaw that it would be a good thing to have Halloween candy after breakfast, but to no avail. Well, you can't blame her for trying!
Our kids love spaghetti, and what kid doesn't? But our son REALLY loves spaghetti!

In a previous post I talked about how many of my traits my daughter also possesses. Well, it would appear that my son has inherited a thing or two from me as well. For example, he has personal space issues. Like me he prefers a little bubble of space between himself and someone else. I really doesn't like it when you get all up in his grille; he will forcefully push you away.

My daughter was selected Student of the Month at her preschool, and it was so special to watch her receive her award. She got a Veggie Tales music CD, a photo of herself taken on the playground, a gift certificate for a free meal at Applebee's, and a Student of the Month certificate. On there it was written that she "is very excellent in school, she listens well and is very quiet. She loves to play in the kitchen center and is a good friend to everyone. Super Job!" Super job indeed.


Zil said...

I love the spaghetti picture!

Kelly said...

Isn't it great? It was appropriately titled "Voracious"! He's not nearly as neat and tidy as his big sister.