Friday, January 16, 2009

Get Out Of Here, You Are Ridiculous!

Shopping for clothes online is really a hit or miss endeavor. I personally enjoy pouring over websites, having a little retail therapy and wondering if this or that would look good on me. Recently for my birthday I received some gift certificates to an online store and suddenly I didn't have to wonder for too much longer.

I chose a gorgeous pale pink ruffle shouldered sweater from French Connection. Can I just say that I think just about everything from this brand is beautiful and very "me". Their stuff is usually pretty pricey, but with the sale and the gift certificates I only spent $6.95 of my own money for shipping.

Today my lovely new cardigan arrived. I heard the knock on the door from the UPS man. I steadied my pace as I went to the door (I didn't want to seem too eager) and I found my little package waiting for me on my front step. I carried it inside and ripped it open with vigor, tearing feverishly to get to what was inside. There it was in all of it's loveliness!

Then I tried it on and looked in the mirror.

It fit, it felt soft against my skin, the shade was delicate and understated. You would think it was perfect. But the sleeves! The sleeves are so ... full! Three ruffles on the sleeves look so beautiful in the picture, but on me they felt ... loud, poofy, flamboyant.

Perhaps I am just used to wearing simpler and more fitted clothes. Nothing too frilly, nothing too loose or chunky. But this sweater will take some time to get used to! I have decided to keep it because it's so pretty and this town could use a little classing up. But like in the movie Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, I worry that someone will find my outfit ridiculous. In fact, Bridget frets in the car on the way to a very important lawyers supper "What if someone says ''Bridget Jones, get out of here, you are ridiculous''?

I hope no one will say to me "Kelly, get out of here, your sweater is ridiculous!"


Towanda said...

I may be the last remaining human being on the face of the earth who has a computer but doesn't shop online except for a very rare trip to Amazon for a used book.

I want to try clothes and shoes on in the stores so I know they fit and look good on me. I don't know if that is prudent or just old-fashioned.

That sweater looks adorable in the picture, but I guess I can see that the sleeves might be really big in person. I'm kind of glad you are keeping it ... you can be the trendy one in your town!

heather said...

Okay, you have to post a photo of you in the sweater! It really looks like a lovely sweater. And as I tell my barely teen daughter-if you feel confident, if you feel comfortable in something then it will look good on you! Generally that seems to be true. But, I admit that at times, I find myself feeling a bit self-conscious in certain clothing items.