Monday, February 16, 2009

As Blind As a Bat

If you are a watcher of Lost you may recall the opening graphics where the word "LOST" is blurry at first, and as it moves toward you the letters become more clear, only to move away and become blurry again. Well, I experienced a lot of that today.

I went in for an eye exam and this may be unbelievable, but I have never had my eyes dilated ... until today. Wow is that a funky feeling. Some experience severe sensitivity to light; I don't so much, but it do feel a little bit like I have been crying for a long time. My eyes are tired, I can't quite find the point of focus ( I am currently backed far away from the computer as I write this), and my pupils are HUGE! I look freaky.

Driving home was interesting. It's a good thing that even though it was snowing, it wasn't yet accumulating; and fortunately I have driven that way home so many times that it didn't matter that I couldn't read any of the signs on the highway.

The conclusion to my dilation test: I have very healthy eyes and optic nerve ... but I'm still as blind as a bat!


Zil said...

You come from a long line of blind bats.

Kelly said...

True! And at least one of my offspring is carrying on the tradition.