Thursday, February 19, 2009

Knitting in Circles

It's has been a while since I have posted anything on my knitting projects. But be assured I have been working on things.
I get antsy. I constantly want to challenge myself and try different things. So why not jump up a skill level while using needles I have never used before, and do it all on a deadline? I made a pair of self-striping socks for my mom for her birthday. I have to say that they turned out quite well, even if one is a smidge bigger than the other. They are cozy, totally wearable and are made of a washable wool.

The finished product - a fabulous pair of self-striping socks in fun colors!

The socks were made with Heart & Sole with Aloe by Red Heart in Congo.

Here are my thoughts and lessons learned on the art of sock knitting:

1. I'm glad I chose a yarn that I enjoyed looking at for long periods of time. The self-patterning yarn from Red Heart was a lot of fun and changed color often which kept me from getting bored.

2. I knitted these socks using size 3 double point needles. I wanted to have the experience of making them the traditional way and it helped me to understand how a sock is constructed. In the future, however, I will knit socks using two circular needles so that I can knit two at a time. It is a little daunting to have to knit another sock after finishing the first one! (You're right about getting "sockitis", Kim!)

3. I won't knit another pair of socks on a deadline. It was a self-imposed deadline, but being a perfectionist, I put too much pressure on myself. Socks should be a leisurely project.

4. I love that I only have to use the knit stitch to create the stockinette pattern in the round.

5. I had a lot of fun turning the heel and sewing up the toe!

6. I am quite amazed that I successfully completed an intermediate level project after only first learning to knit at Thanksgiving. And it made me feel very good when my mom jokingly said that I shouldn't have put my own label on a store bought pair of socks. I guess that means they look good!

I'm trying to figure out what I will knit after I finish my sister's vest. Any suggestions?


heather said...

Adorable-good for you! said...

Those are totally awesome! You did fabulous work! I think that you will really enjoy the two socks of two circulars! You may even be able to show me a trick or two! We need to work on our knitting/crochet party!

Zil said...

I wear them proudly! Thanks again, you did an amazing job!

Anna said...

You weren't kidding when you said you had a knack for knitting! I'm completely impressed!

I wish we were closer so you could teach me. I'm awfully afraid of those double-pointed needles ...

Journeying Five said...

they are adorable! you did a fine job!

Kelly said...

Thank you all for your words of encouragement! It is fun for me to post about such things.

Mom, I am SO glad you like them and I was happy to make them for you!

Towanda said...

Wow, the socks look great! Knitting on those double pointed needles is no easy thing. I am very impressed at how quickly you have learned!! Congrats!