Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Homemade Birthday

Well, the party is over. My son had a very nice birthday I think and the shindig was a success. As for my homemade cupcakes ... I am not sure.

They tasted really good with the chocolate chocolate chip cake and raspberry cream cheese frosting. However, the look isn't really what I was going for. I started to bake the cake in the Disney Cars cupcake papers and realized that the graphics would be unrecognizable because of the dark cake. So I used brown cupcake papers and slid the finished cakes into a "jacket" of the Cars papers. Then there was the issue of the frosting. It didn't even come to mind that making red frosting would be very difficult. I was just thinking it would look great with the Lightning McQueen character. Lets just say that the frosting was more the color of Mater than McQueen! But in the end, the kids did not care and they were gobbled up in no time.

Funny red frosting makes a great Ronald McDonald face!

It looks like we'll be doing this all again in May for my daughter's birthday. It's good to have two months to rest.


Zil said...

Looks like fun was had by all. Love the Ronald McDonald crack!

PeePaw said...

As usual, you are hard on yourself. The cupcapes look very good and I wish I had one right now!!!

Kelly said...

I know, I am too hard on myself. It's a curse of being a perfectionist!