Monday, March 23, 2009

The Martha Vortex

It's happening. I am getting sucked into the Martha Vortex again. For nearly a year I have been pretty uninterested in all things Martha Stewart, mostly because I feel she is in a rut, but also because her daytime show seemed to disappear from my radar. Well, ever since we got DirectTV as our cable provider I have found her show on the Fine Living Network ... and I have been tuning in!

I still feel that she is a little out of touch and caters mostly to New Englanders, but I find myself inspired by her craft projects and perfect cakes. I recently saw an episode where she made dog clean-up bags (the kind you take on a walk for your dog's deposits) by ironing three sheets of trimmed plastic grocery bag together and installing a grommet at the top. You then place the disposable bags inside. Personally I don't know why one would go to so much trouble ... but it was entertaining.

Here is Martha's finished dog clean-up bag. She made a silhouette of one of her dogs. It's lovely, but really who has the time?!

Since watching her show again I have noticed I have been baking more, buying flowers to adorn my kitchen counter, and I'm even thinking that I would like to grow my own veggies. And though I have no interest in taking care of chickens, I think it would be pretty cool to have fresh eggs every morning - and I don't even like eggs! I'm telling you, it's the Martha Vortex; resistance is futile.

Ooh, today's show will be all about yarn! I can't wait!

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Zil said...

Hilarious! Making these is better than just using a store bag because...? The the 5x7 does not take into account variations in size of output between a great dane or a chihuahua.

And I'd like to see you get your dog to hold still for the profile artwork!