Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday Cookies

You may be wondering what cookies have to do with Good Friday. The answer is ... absolutely nothing. This is a day to reflect and to be grateful. But since I have had a strange compulsion to bake lately, I dragged out some cookie cutters and thought it would be a fun project for my daughter and I to make sugar cookies. It was also a good opportunity to talk about each of the cutter shapes and why they are significant to Easter.
I asked my girl about the cross and she said "That is where Jesus died." So far, so good. Then I pointed to the lamb cutter and she had no idea what the significance was. It was difficult to explain how Jesus is the Lamb. How He was the sacrifice. Not fully being able to verbalize it so that a four year-old would understand, we moved on. I explained that the egg represents new life that we were given when Jesus died for our sins. She perked up and said, "I can have new life too when I go to see Jesus in Heaven!" - I just about cried at that one! And then of course the church shape represents where we as believers can go to fellowship with others, praise the Lord, and learn more about His amazing life and death.
So while sugar cookies have as much to do with Easter as chocolate eggs and bunnies do, it was a good learning experience for her and a time to reflect for me.
And as a side note, I have to say they were very delicious!


Anna said...

Now that is a lovely piece of reflection. Happy Easter!

(PS-Excellent photo. Very "Martha")

Kelly said...

Wow, it's very Martha? Well thank you!