Friday, April 3, 2009

Put A Label On Me

Don't laugh, but when I was in middle school I fancied myself to be somewhat of a fashion designer. I would spend endless hours drawing clothes and paper dolls and often dreamed of owning my own designer label some day. Being the late 1980s, the fashions were, well ... interesting. I was big into geometric cut out bathing suits and skin tight skirts in neon colors. Yup, I was so cutting edge!
For the record, I will not upload any of the paper dolls for everyone to see. Though they would be good for a laugh, I am not ready for total humiliation!
As an adult I still love clothes and design but my life has taken a much more down to earth route. I realize that I will not become the next Valentino, however since I have picked up knitting, I have created a label that I attach to any knit project I gift to others. So, in a way I have my own label and my dream has come true.

On my labels I like to include the type of yarn I used and the care instructions.

I knitted this vest for my sister using Lamb's Pride (a wool and mohair blend) by Brown Sheep Yarn Co. in Sandy Heather. It was very nice to work with and should hold up well over time.

Oh how I would love to have a stack of these vests in every color.

This vest turned out even better than the one I knitted for me. Proof that practice makes perfect (or almost perfect!)

Who knows, it's not to late in life to start a new career. Can you say knitwear designer?


Anna said...

Did you make your own labels or order them??

I've been wanting something like this, but figured it would be too spendy.

(ps--very cute!)

Kelly said...

My labels are actually printed on a card stock and pinned to the gift since each one contains the wash instructions and kind of yarn used. There are places online where you can buy embroidered labels, but only get 20 for about $15.00.

One neat idea is to buy printable fabric and print your own, trim them with pinking shears and pin or sew them into the gift. Hmmmm, I might have to do that now that I think about it!

Journeying Five said...

like the labels and the vest!

Dawnelle said...

wow, that is totally impressive!