Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Transformation is Complete

Eons ago, way back in January I had posted about our project to fancify our rather vanilla powder room (see before shot and concept image here). It actually took us quite a while to complete the project because so much other stuff has been going on, but now I am ready to reveal the makeover.

The finished product! The smallest room has become a warm and inviting hangout ... even if you don't really want to hang out in a bathroom.

It actually turned out even better than I imagined. We went to discount stores and antique shops for the details that have brought the look together. We were going for a style that was influenced by European water closets, but didn't look like we thought we lived in Paris or London. The stripes add interest and the touches of black add depth.

We "aged" the dentil moulding by using a dark stain and a small artist's brush. A couple of clear coats later and it was ready for installation.

I love how this rug fits perfectly in front of the vanity and adds a touch of class to the room. And I got it for only $4.99 at Ross!

This sign was purchased before we even moved into our house. Found at Paddington Station in Ashland, I couldn't wait to use it - and now it has real purpose!

This mirror is our favorite find. We picked up this beauty at a local antique shop for under $20 and the details are intriguing. I personally enjoy how the frame is falling apart, it adds age and character to the room.

There are a few more touches we would like to add, but inspiration must strike first. It has the be the right thing. But other than that the transformation is complete. So if you are in the neighborhood, we invite you to come on over and ... um, pull up a seat in our cozy little powder room!


Anna said...

Great job! And I'm with you ... I looove the mirror.

Journeying Five said...

love it!

heather said...

Looks great! I love home decorating projects.

Zil said...

That looks very nice! The moulding really adds a lot and I am sure you did the detailed painting of it!

Lindsay said...

Great job, Kelly! Wish I could stop by and powder my nose. ;)