Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Those Pesky Killer Skunks

Tylenol PM is something that I am grateful for. There are times as a Fibromyalgic when I need a good night's rest and the comfort of pain relief. However, I think it makes me trip out in my sleep a little!

Take Sunday night, for example. Due to some back troubles I had been having, I decided to take a half dose just to help me have a better quality of sleep and to ease pain. Earlier that evening, my husband and I were watching some old episodes of 30 Rock (and by old I mean last season!) and I smelled something rather horrific. I thought at first that maybe our dog was passing some toxic gas, but then the odor became unmistakable ... SKUNK! The smell was so bad it was like the skunk was sitting ON our couch with us. Immediately we started closing the windows in hopes of minimizing the damage.

As we were headed to bed, my husband suggested that maybe a skunk got into our backyard and couldn't figure out how to get back out.

Not very comforting.

Then he said that I should survey the backyard tomorrow before letting the dog out after her breakfast.

It was those words that influenced my dreams last night ... my dreams of KILLER SKUNKS!

It was like that scene from Signs when aliens were trying to get into that farmhouse! The radio warned us not to go outside. We were holed up in our house armed with a tiny air pistol and a squirt bottle. The killer skunks roamed our backyard, spraying the stench every which way. Their eyes glowed red as their jagged teeth gnashed at our back door. And I was dreaming this all while I was breathing in the lingering pungent fragrance that wafted through our house.

Lesson learned: never take a non-habit forming sleep aid of any dosage while skunks or any wildlife have been passing through your property!


Lindsay said...

I've been having weird dreams all week. Funny, I didn't realize that skunks were probably the answer to that. Now you need to look at the new dream app on FB to see what the dream meant. (jk)

Zil said...

I would recommend you put jalapeƱo juice in your squirt bottle to fend off killer skunks.