Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Red Door

It is amazing what a fresh coat of red lipstick can do for a woman's confidence. It is attention grabbing, it adds a touch of classic sophistication and can fabulously compliment an outfit.

That's how I feel about our new front door.

We just replaced our rather vanilla steel front door with a craftsman style fiberglass door and boy is it purdy! Painted in "Sun-dried Tomato" it already stands out from the rest of the doors in our neighborhood. It compliments the "Warm Stone" paint of our house and adds a welcoming feel when you approach it.

Evidently, my son is just thrilled about the old door - and no, we did not prompt him to look this miserable!

Hello Gorgeous! The great thing about it door is that unlike lipstick, this coat of red won't wear off any time soon.


Anna said...

Now won't your guests be delighted to knock on this honey!

PeePaw said...

Looks Good!!!