Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Meet Paul & Louise

"Hey, how would you like a 90 year-old boyfriend?" he hollered over the back fence. A little curious and otherwise speechless, I headed over to the fence with fresh baked cookies in hand. I offered him one, which he took with obvious delight, and then he invited my husband and I over to his house to see his clock shop. This is how I met Paul.

Not long after moving into a small rental house in Eugene, Oregon, we had become acquainted with our elderly neighbor. Finally after I was the object of a few of his harmless advances, my husband and I did head next door to see his shop. He had converted his garage into his workshop where he had clock of every kind, size and age. Then we met his wife, Louise - a very petite lady with tight gray curls. She was obviously used to Paul's flirting because one inappropriate remark from him caused her to shake her head and roll her eyes.

We moved a year later when we bought our first house, saying goodbye to the funny couple next door. As we moved our belongings into our new home we discovered that the previous owners left behind a pair of cement squirrels that sat on the front stoop. Although they weren't the most attractive of yard ornaments, we fell in love with them and affectionately named them: Paul and Louise.

We have since moved twice and brought our little friends with us where they sit in our front yard supplying whimsy and good memories. Louise is the one in the front, being chased by the wily Paul. Her head is turned to one side, looking for a way to escape while an amorous Paul is in hot pursuit. And Louise's tail is cracked, evidence that Paul captured her a time or two.


Paul is gaining speed!

It's been eight years since our meeting and I don't know if Paul and Louise are still on this earth. But I know that they will live on, their essence forever remembered ... in our front yard.

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Anna said...

What a lovely, lovely story! I have a feeling Paul and Louise will delight your family for many years to come.