Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sea Level

"The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."
--Jacques Cousteau

As long as I can remember, I have found comfort at the beach. It is a place I long for and perhaps even more so now that I live in the high desert, a whopping six hour drive from the Oregon Coast. I live where it is dry, the trees are primarily of the pine and juniper varieties, and the mosquitoes are abundant. So as I spent a few days in Gleneden Beach, I was reminded of my special kinship to the Pacific Ocean.

My hair never looks good when I am out on the beach. It's true, some women look glamorous with long mermaid-like locks, blowing gracefully in the breeze. Mine looks haphazard and stringy ... but I don't care as I breath in the cool, salty air. It rains all the time at the Coast, thwarting plans of lounging around on the sand in my swim suit. But I will happily snuggle up in a blanket inside a beach house as it drizzles, over turning on my air conditioning on a hot fall day. And the foliage is glorious at the beach! The lush ground cover, thriving hydrangeas and soft green lawns make the tumble weeds of the high desert less than appealing!

There is something quite extraordinary about enjoying breakfast while watching a seal swim through the breaker waves for fun, or straining hard to see if there is a whale surfacing in the distance. Mmm, my idea of the perfect start to my morning.

Still, I doubt I could live at the beach full time. It is the perfect escape and I never want it to become ordinary.

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Journeying Five said...

i just said to my hubby that if we were to move from our remote location i wouldn't mind being transplanted by the ocean for a while.
it's funny because we live in the mountains and somehow i often don't see them anymore.