Friday, September 11, 2009

They Like It Here

Today as I was heading down our street to meet my daughter at the bus stop, I grabbed my camera and started snapping away at our flower boxes. The lobilium is not very good at sharing and has taken over the space, allowing very little room for the petunias to peek out. I sort of think that perhaps I should cut it back a little to allow other things to shine, but I enjoy the lacy texture of the little blue flowers that spill over the sides - and it would seem, so do the bees:

I can't believe I got this shot! The large black bee would buzz the loudest as his face was buried in the sweet periwinkle bloom.

I was a little afraid to get too close to this guy; I'm pretty sure they are territorial.

I am tickled that I provide a sanctuary for these hard workers. And who wouldn't want to hang out in a place like this?


Zil said...

Wow!!! on the photography!

Kelly said...

Thank you!