Monday, October 26, 2009

Goodbye, Dear Rocker

Goodbye, Dear Rocker, you have been grand,
When you first arrived, we put you together by hand.

You came to my house on a day that was warm,
Just two days after my daughter was born.

With a pillow at my back and a blanket on my lap,
A sleeping baby on my chest made for the perfect nap.

With barely a creak, a crack or a crick,
Your smooth motion calmed us when we were sick.

Many a night you soothed my childrens' cries,
It is hard to let you go, no matter how hard I try.

Now my babies have grown older, as have I,
So now it is time to say ...



PeePaw said...

OH!!! Say it isn't so! That was a very special rocker where I held my grandbabies until they slept.

Kelly said...

Alas ... it is true. We sold it early last week because we didn't use it anymore and didn't have the room for it. Now a family with a newborn has the pleasure.

Journeying Five said...

looks like it would have been the perfect thing for your babies.