Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mum's The Word

I couldn't stand it any longer! The hot pink petunias and periwinkle lobelias just didn't fit in with the whole Autumn thing anymore, so I ripped them out of my flower box to replace them with some more season friendly colors. Don't worry, they were dying out anyway. As I took out the massive amounts of lobelias, I discovered that my poor perennial grasses were over taken by the showy annuals. I think they enjoyed seeing the light of day again.

I am happy to say that I LOVE the new flowers, mainly mums, that are joyfully showing off right now. The combination of the greenish-purple leaves of the coral bells and the lilac and sunset hued mums is striking. And I can't wait to prop some miniature pumpkins on the window boxes to fill out the space. It's just what I wanted!

While I was busy yanking out the old flowers, I kept seeing something dark and moving out of the corner of my eye. Much to my delight, it was a little frog that had taken up shelter in the damp forest of foliage. He was so cute, I named him "Bernard". Then I saw a second frog, his wife I presume, in the same planter and I named her "Bertha", "Bertie" for short. I let them hang out in the box while I was busy planting the new flowers, but without the shelter of the old ones, they promptly jumped out.

Bertie (in front) and Bernard before they disappeared, probably in search of a cozy little hideaway.

This evening I plan to enjoy a cup of hot cider to celebrate my gardening accomplishments, and soak in every moment of this beautiful season.


Journeying Five said...

we worked in our fall garden but only found worms, they look really cute!

Zil said...

Frogs are a recurring theme in your life!

Anna said...

Love the outdoor makeover. (And aren't the coral bell varieties the best?? Some of my very favs.)