Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Dream Come True

You may recall that back in April I expressed my affections for a certain tea kettle. It's not that I didn't appreciate the one that I had, after all it served me well for ten years. But oh how I longed for a colorful and sleek new design.

Much to my pleasure, I have received that Le
Creuset tea kettle as a Christmas gift and my goodness it looks spectacular on my stove top. The shiny cobalt gradient makes me smile. Call me crazy, but it even sounds French with its nasal whine that builds to a dramatic whistle. Thank you again, Mom!

And when I was asked what I would like for Christmas, I bet I got some weird looks when I said "Tea! Seriously I love tea!" But sure enough I have some wonderful blends to enjoy with the hot water from my tea kettle. Thank you, Dad!

It is this tea drinkers' dream come true!

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heather said...

What thoughtful gifts! How fun!