Monday, December 7, 2009

Fall On Your Knees

A favorite annual tradition. Family Christmas Tree Hunt 2009: Horizon Nursery

That Christmas feeling is finally here. It seems every year I wait for that moment where I surrender to the bliss of this wonderful season. It finally came yesterday as we were decorating our tree. Snow was falling outside, candy canes were being enjoyed, the kids were squealing with delight, and Bing Crosby was singing
O Holy Night.

There is just something about that song that brings tears to my eyes - I get emotional while singing it at church or hearing it on the radio. I'm not the most charismatic person, but even I want to fall on my knees when I hear it. Especially as it goes:

'Til He appeared and the soul felt its worth

My heart sinks in my chest when I hear these words.

It's so easy to forget why we celebrate Christmas. I admit to getting caught up in the fretting about shopping or making sure I get all of the "Christmasy" things checked off my list. Sometimes it takes a song like that to bring me back to the true meaning.

This year I have made plans to not stress. To be more relaxed about things like decorating the tree or finding the "perfect" gift for someone. I choose to focus on family, tradition and making time to fall on my knees.

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PeePaw said...

What a terrific picture. Keep this ... it won't be too long until J is as tall if not taller than E.