Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eggy In An Acorn

I was pregnant at the time I saw the movie V for Vendetta, so I have a very dim recollection of its plot and characters. I do recall Natalie Portman shaving her head, and that a masked vigilante made a breakfast sandwich of sorts called "Eggy in a Basket".

My husband, who doesn't do much of the cooking around here, was busy tinkering in the kitchen one day. Sneaking a peak I realized that he was hard at work making one of these breakfast sandwiches ... but with a special twist: instead of using a biscuit cutter to make the "basket" in the bread, he used other shaped cookie cutters like an acorn and a tea kettle. He informed me that the trick is to use a cutter big enough to hold the egg so that it cooks flush with the bread.

First, butter the bread on both sides, then make a hole in a fun shape.

Put the buttered bread in a skillet - cast iron works great for this - and add a little butter in the center of the whole to keep the egg from sticking.

Crack an egg directly into the hole and cook on medium-low until the egg turns white and sets around the edge of the hole. Then flip to cook the other side (this method is for "eggs over medium"). Patience is important because you want the bread and eggs to cook evenly and thoroughly.

Isn't it cute? And very creative, I think. Don't throw away the buttered bread "center" because it can be cooked in the same pan or toasted for sopping up the runny yoke.

My husband and daughter enjoyed the fruits of Daddy's labor. Sadly, my son takes after me and doesn't care for eggs; but he joins me in giving the creativity and presentation a big thumbs up!


Kylie said...

Thanks for the fun idea. I made these for my kids for breakfast and they loved them. If I post about it on my blog (which might be highly unlikely considering how often I blog...), can I link back to you?

Kelly said...

Well Kylie, I had no idea you had a blog! I find it so much fun to read up on friends' lives and will have to spend some time reading up on yours. Of course you can link back to me :)

Anna said...

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm! So cute. And, did I say mmmmmm??