Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Feed The Birds

Spring Break was quite an adventure for us this year. We went to the Oregon Coast where we saw all sorts of marine life and rainy days. One of the most fun activities was feeding the sea gulls on the pier next to the Mo's restaurant in Lincoln City.

Here are a few tips and techniques for achieving the perfect bird feeding experience:

First, note that there a several gulls just waiting around for a good snack (and evidently some have had MANY snacks lately). You cannot choose just one bird, they all want in on the action.

Next, pick your feeding plan:

Hand-feeding is polite and personal ... but watch out for the bird slobber ... oh yes, they do slobber!

Or you can choose the entertaining route and throw the chunk of bread into the air. This makes the birds work for their meal and can often result in mid-air collisions!

Or, to one very lucky gull you can give them the ENTIRE slice of bread. Don't be stingy!

And most importantly, feed the birds with great gusto and enthusiasm. A smile sure can light up a gloomy day.

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heather said...

Great photos! And great commentary. Fun to read.