Sunday, March 14, 2010

Just A Hoot!

Meet my little owl friend. I just adore his expressive eyes and teeny tiny beak. It's been said that owls are wise, but this one is more inquisitive than he is wise.

I just finished my second sweater, a pullover, and can already be seen around town wearing it. It's an instant classic in my wardrobe!

A series of carefully placed cables create a collection of horned owls in the yoke. I chose one lucky owl in the front to have eyes and a beak.

Raveled here

Pattern: owls by Kate Davies

Yarn: Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool in Nature's Brown; Paton's Classic Wool Merino in Natural Marl

Time Elapsed: about three weeks

Modifications/Notes: Despite the Autumnal color of this sweater, I want to be able to wear it into the Spring. So, I made it with short sleeves that can be worn over a long sleeved tee or a camisole. I also chose a worsted weight yarn instead of the required chunky weight and had to adjust the pattern accordingly. I loved working with the Fisherman's Wool, especially since the total cost of this sweater came to about $12; however, I was not to pleased to see that it was made in China. The buttons I bought for the eyes were the exact color of the wool, so I hand painted the golden centers to make them look more like eyes.

Because I can't just follow directions, I added a contrasting stripe along the bottom hem, armholes and neckline to give it that extra something special.

Here I'm feeling pretty spiffy and proud of myself for knitting such a glorious sweater. The experience was just a hoot!


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

I love it -- so much fun!!! And, your knitting is positively beautiful.

Zil said...

Very classy! Love the buttons and color. You are a knitting master.

heather said...

This is beautiful! Your work amazes me.

Lindsay said...

It's so lovely! I love the owls. :)

Anna said...

It IS glorious! How fabulous of you. Simply adorable.

And Kelly, you are one of the most photogenic girls I know. I wish I knew how to be photographed!

Kelly said...

Thank you all! I have enjoyed sharing my knitting accomplishments, and it's nice to have such an encouraging audience.