Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Graduation Day

This was the day of my daughter's Kindergarten graduation.  It was actually warm outside, when lately it has been unseasonably cold, and the school gym was packed with proud parents/grandparents/siblings.  This made it quite hot and stuffy in the large room, and the lighting was dim making it difficult to get some good photos of the event; but all of this didn't matter because my baby was graduating! 

She was easy to spot, located in the front row of the left group and wearing a blue dress with black Mary Janes ... she looked like Alice from Alice in Wonderland.  After the 60 or so Kindergartners sang a series of songs complete with hand motions (and curtsies from my daughter), the commencement ceremonies commenced.

It was a joy to see the kids walk over a white painted bridge on the stage to receive their certificates.  Some walked shyly, others with great bravado, my daughter - with quiet confidence.  A little tingle ran up my spine when I heard the principal call her name.  And I lifted my son onto my lap so he could see his big sister walking over the bridge.  {sniff, sniff}  It was a proud moment.

Receiving her "diploma" from her teacher.

Even her little brother is proud.

Boy, if I was this excited for her Kindergarten graduation, I'm sure I'll be outright hysterical when she graduates high school!


Zil said...

Oh, thanks for putting up pictures! My, how fast she has grown up!

Anna said...

I can't believe you got that first shot! Love it.

PeePaw said...

My granddaughter is a graduate! Hard to believe! Semms like just yesterday she was little like her cousin.