Tuesday, June 22, 2010


If you came to my house this week, you would find:
  • Suitcases that have yet to be unpacked from our weekend travels.
  • The vacuum cleaner sitting out, as a constant and ignored reminder that I need to vacuum the carpet.
  • My daughter mopping up the half gallon of milk she spilled on my kitchen counter and floor, repeatedly saying "It was just an accident!"
  • My son soaking the front of his shorts with the entire contents of a container of bubbles.
  • Piles of used tea bags on the kitchen counter that have yet to be thrown away.
  • Loads of laundry in various stages of the cleaning process ... and piles of it on my couch just waiting to be folded and put away.
  • And me, pulling my hair out every time I hear "Moooooooommmmmm ... !"

Okay, so these are just the bad things.  And while there are good things that have been happening around here, I am in a self-pitying mood.  And it's only Tuesday. {sniffle}


heather said...

There are days like that! Thinking of you and hoping it gets better real fast.

Zil said...

Sorry I gave them the bubbles.

Kelly said...

Oh Mom, don't feel bad about giving them bubbles ... it saved my sanity while I was pulling weeds this morning. Besides, you KNEW he was going to get bubble juice all over him at some point!

Anna said...

So, so familiar!