Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mr. Handsome

We've been putting a lot of miles on our car with all of the road trips we've taken lately.  Our journeys have taken us to see friends and family, and what a blessing it is to reconnect with loved ones.  Our most recent trip took us to my home town where we went to a reunion of sorts and we got to see my little nephew.

Just three weeks old, this boy is a charmer!  His red hair is even more darling than I imagined and when he sleeps peacefully it warms my heart. 

Check out the booties!

I feel very blessed that I got to capture this boy in all states of wakefulness.  And my husband took the images below of my beautiful sister and her son.  Aren't they gorgeous?

This kid looks good bathed in light.


Zil said...

Thanks you so much for doing such outstanding photography! These are treasures that will be enjoyed for years.

Kelly said...

It was an absolute joy to do the photos :)