Thursday, July 1, 2010

Character Sketches

Today was perfect.  Well, the weather was anyway.  The sun was out, the sky had barely a cloud and the breeze was cool.  I couldn't think of a better day to take the kids to the park.

I chose a park next to the lake.  As the kids played I got a few paragraphs further along in my book, Jane Eyre, and snapped away with the camera.  As I read about Jane's somber winter at the Lowood school, I gazed out at the nearby blue lake, littered with gulls and red-necked grebes.  And it was difficult to identify with Jane's troubles as the giggles of playing children filled the air.

However, the book often talks about one's character, so I started to think of my own kids and who they are becoming;  obstacles they have had to overcome;  and the things that have shaped their character.

My son.  It was just last year that he was a little unsure in his footing, but is now climbing like a champ and going down slides with no fear.  I, however, admit to being a bit of a nervous wreck watching him climb up so high.  I must remind myself that I can't save him from every bump and scrape, and that I have to let him explore.  He is slowly and carefully coming out of his shell and is becoming more willing to try new things.

Then there is my daughter.  She's all girl, but she loves Transformers and playing with cars.  And she has so much more courage than I do.  She's incredibly creative too, for example she doesn't have her ears pierced so she "borrowed" earrings from Mrs. Potato Head and has been wearing them proudly.  She will unabashedly lobby anyone to play with her and always has a "great idea" to tell you about.

These kids have changed so much in the last two years (to the day) since I started this blog.  Certain aspects of their personalities have grown and I am proud of who they are.  These last two years have taught me a lot about capturing moments, both through words and images; and to record the big and little things in my life.  Who would have thought a free blogspot site would have been such a creative outlet, and would have brought me so much joy?

Thank you, dear readers, for sharing in this journey with me!

Now ... off to read a little bit more about Jane Eyre and that dreaded Mr. Brocklehurst - so far I'm not a fan of his character!


PeePaw said...

My how they have changed in just the last month. Two things are constant, however, her beauty and his "Lighting McQueen" outfits! Very nice!

Anna said...