Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Summer 2010 Must-Haves

It is so fun to be a girl sometimes!  I thoroughly enjoy reading the fashion magazines and seeing what is in, what's out, and what are the must-haves for the season.  It got me thinking, "What are MY must-haves for this summer?"  And so, I thought I would share my top six favorites:
1.  Natural Glow by Jergens

What can I say, I am a pretty fair person - and I'm talking about my skin here.  I burn easily and I am quite prone to freckle, so I am careful about sun exposure.  Not wanting people to think that I have been spending my summer vacation in Siberia, I go to my trusty bottle of self-tanning lotion!  This Jergens moisturizer gradually adds color to my skin without making me look as orange as a Cheeto, and now no one needs to put their sunglasses on when the see me step out into the sunlight!

2.  Infallible Longwear Lip Duo Compact by L'Oreal 

Awesome, awesome stuff here.  Constantly reapplying my makeup is not on my favorite-things-to-do listThis lip gloss goes on in the morning and lasts until bedtime.  It really does!  All I need to reapply is the clear gloss that seals in the color.  My favorite shade is "Ginger" which is a slightly frosty nude tone, perfect for everyday.

3.  Black Cherry Chutney Nail Lacquer by O.P.I

When I saw this color on the shelf at the store I couldn't resist.  I don't even really like purple all that much, but the deep, dark tone of this polish was stunning.  It's part of O.P.I.'s India Collection and looks great with anything metallic and completes an ensemble.  It just makes me wish I had big flashy rings to wear with it!

4.  Mosquito Coast Sunscreen and Repellant by Bull Frog

Much to my dismay, the mosquitoes are a big problem where I live.  And during the summer we love to camp and travel to places that often swarm with these blood suckers.  Bull Frog has worked very well in protecting from sun damage (SPF 30) and I've only been bit a few times, which was when I wasn't wearing this stuff.  It works great on kids too!

5.  Velcro Rollers

I've decided that my hair looks much better when it has body and lift ... and it certainly doesn't grow out of my head that way.  Velcro rollers in different sizes have allowed me the chance to know what it's like to have big hair.  After showering, I put some mousse at the roots and roll up sections of hair in the rollers.  I wait at least a half-hour and then pull them out to reveal a head full of luscious locks!  I feel so "Bridget Bardot" ... well, except that my hair isn't that long and certainly not blonde, but oh how it's voluminous!

6.  Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner by Pureology

I am not usually a shampoo snob and never have been ... until now that is.  The salon I go to uses Pureology products that honestly make my hair feel AMAZING, and it should for what it costs!  My hair is light, shiny and there is absolutely no filmy build-up to speak of.  This stuff is certainly spendy, and so far I have only forked over the cash for a couple of sample sizes of this luxurious potion, but I am combing the internet for great deals on buying a real sized bottle.


Anna said...

Oooo ... I love posts like this!

Now. Regarding the velcro rollers. Do you blow-dry your hair at any point? Pre-roller, while rolled?

Kelly said...

Anna, I put mousse in my damp hair then blow-dry until it is 95% dry. Then I run a curling iron over a section of hair to heat it up, and immediately roll the section up in a velcro roller. I leave the rollers in for 15-30 minutes, finger comb through, and add a little texturizer to the ends. Voila!

Anna said...

Oh, so clever! I will try this method!

I gave the velcro rollers a whirl, but put them in when my hair was about 75% dry. Took for-ever to get the hair dry even after blasting it with the hairdryer.

But. You are right...a very Bridget Bardot day!