Monday, July 19, 2010


Recently my husband searched local thrift shops and garage sales for stereo parts to put in my daughter's room.  She is quite the little singer and dearly loves music, so it seemed like a good idea to allow her to listen to CDs and the radio.  

Boy has she made good use of that stereo!  She has a modest stack of CDs to listen to, mostly Disney Princess music, plus she is allowed to listen to the KLOVE Christian radio station.  She knows nearly every song that is played by heart and she is often heard belting out her favorite tunes.  There is one song that she loves above the rest, and it makes me chuckle because this song came out more than 15 years ago - Shine by the Newsboys. And back in 1994, that used to be one of MY favorite songs!  I was a freshman at George Fox University when this song was at its peak of popularity and I even saw the Newsboys perform it as they opened for Steven Curtis Chapman that year. 

My old Newsboys CD has sat collecting dust in the garage since it's been ages since I've listened to it.  But now I have a good reason to dust it off for its new home in my daughter's room.  And now as I look at my daughter, a girl with music in her heart, a childlike faith in God and a gleam in her eye; and it seems so perfect that her favorite song is called Shine ... because that is what she does!

Shine - The Newsboys

make ´em wonder what you´ve got
make ´em wish that they were not
on the outside looking bored
let it shine before all men
let´em see good works, and then
let ´em glorify the Lord

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Zil said...

Great message! How about a video of her singing it?