Sunday, November 28, 2010

Buster, Biff, Buckwheat And A Bear

Thanksgiving this year took us to see family in Central Oregon.  It is always quite the experience when our clans converge and stay at the parents house.  Brothers and sister reunite, grandparents get to dote on their grandbabies, and cousins have no choice but to play with each other.  About halfway through the visit, the cousins (all six years old and under) were starting to act more like siblings.

From left: Buster, Biff, Buckwheat and Bear.  Trying to get a good photo where all four of them are smiling at the camera is NO easy task!  But sometimes we get lucky.

I loved to watch my son, nicknamed "Biff", teach his one year-old cousin "Buckwheat" how to write an X with the Aqua Doodle.  "Buster", who is turning four in a few days, loves cars as much as my son and they both make engine noises when ramming monster trucks into each other.  Then there is my girl, the only girl of the cousins, whom we have always called "Bear".  She feels right at home with playing with the boys or finding a quiet corner somewhere to play with her Barbie dolls.

 The boys all sport shirts that Meemaw and Boppa brought back from Spain.

 The girl's shirt is from Spain as well, but is slightly more feminine!

I have very few memories of interacting with my own cousin who is seven years older than me, so seeing my kids form friendships with their relatives is very special to me.  Sure, there are meltdowns, fights, accidents, and inevitable whining; but these are good kids and the trouble never lasts for long.  And I look forward to many more years of family gatherings and great memories!


Zil said...

Great pictures of the cousins! It is a blessing that they will grow up with each other.

Kelly said...

It blesses me to see them grow up together! And I hope to have some opportunities to capture them with their little red-headed cousin as well :)