Monday, December 20, 2010

Playing Catch Up

It's amazing how useless I feel without being able to download and edit my photos!  So, I shall now play catch up and share a few things from the past week or so ...

Before we moved, my husband snapped some shots of my son wearing a sailor outfit that my husband wore when he was 2 years old.  Shooting from the chest up it looks great on him.  However, from the chest down the ensemble is clearly two sizes too small and his exposed midriff makes him look like a member of The Village People, so ... only from the chest up it is!

Isn't this felted toadstool ornament charming?  I found it at my favorite store Prize, the night after we moved to our new town.  The store was having a holiday party, and for the first time after three years of longing to go, I was able to attend.  Party-goers were dressed up as they perused the enchanting items at the store.  Champagne sprinkled with pomegranate seeds was passed out.  And trays full of petite goodies like cupcakes and sugar cookies enticed shoppers.  I felt very at home at this event and couldn't resist purchasing a few "prizes" to take home.

By a great miracle and the grace of God, I was able to get my Christmas cards out this year!  I even designed them myself and sent them out before we moved.  Really, I can't emphasize enough how amazing this move has been.  I only had one brief emotional break down, then I was over it.  The Lord never ceases to amaze me!

Now that I have my computer up and running, I'm sure to have more tidbits to share.  Whew, it's good to be back in business!


Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

So happy to know that things are going so smoothly and that you're getting settled. I love your Christmas card... beautiful, and would love to browse at Prize with you -- what a delicious store!

Happy Christmas!

Anna said...

Well done on the Christmas card! You need to give a tutorial on how to execute such fine family pics!

So glad to hear of your transition and move. God is good.