Monday, January 17, 2011

You Knew It Was Coming!

I can't help myself ... here is my fashion review for the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards!

The looks that I found to be stunning

Claire Danes normally doesn't catch my attention, but on this night I was blown away by her feminine pink gown and simple jewelry.  I adore the structure of this dress and the color suits her hair and makeup perfectly!

 To be honest, I don't know this girl, Hailee Steinfeld.  I think she was in the movie True Grit, which I have never seen, but I do know that she looked beautiful at the Golden Globes.  I believe she is a teenager and looks very ladylike in this pearly white dress and the bold turquoise clutch was an exciting accessory.

Milla Jovovich was a presenter at the awards and when she came out alongside Kevin Bacon, I thought she looked so gorgeous.  From her Hollywood starlet hair to the platinum colored dress, she looks put together and lovely.
The looks that left me stunned ... and not in a good way

 Why not begin with the most atrocious: Helena Bonham Carter.  Truthfully, I didn't expect anything different from this woman, she is well known for her weird get-ups.  Still I find it tragic that such a beautiful woman and talented actress would walk the carpet in this travesty.  So sad.

Okay we get it ... Halle Berry has a fabulous body.  That is undeniable.  But why did she have to show up to the Golden Globes looking like a hybrid of Catwoman and Elvira?  I'm really not feeling it here.  But the diamonds are pretty.

 I was trying to decide which ensemble to put in here, Michelle William's or Sandra Bullock's.  Well, I found them equally bad and for different reasons.  Michelle William's has lovely hair and makeup, but the ill-fitting dress seems too casual for an awards show with the whimsical daisies and drab colors.  Ms. Bullock, on the other hand, has a very pretty blush colored dress but the hair is kind of scary with the severe bangs that pulls down the whole look.  Boo.

The looks that fizzled

This emerald color is perfect on Angelina Jolie, and it was nice to see her in something other than black.  Other than the shade, this dress is boring, matronly, and I just can't get over the return of shoulder pads!

Evidently, Natalie Portman is pregnant (imagine all of the jokes being made by Star Wars fans all over the world!). This dress has a good silhouette and the pale pink looks fresh and sweet, but that Swarovski rose was a bit much.  Yes she is with-child and in love, but she didn't have to dress like a walking Valentine's Day card!

About half of Julianne Moore's dress is pretty.  The right half.  The rest is a big ol' mess with poofs and hidden jewels.  Surprisingly I did like the color against her fair skin and red hair, but that's about it.

Ah, I love awards season.  And just think, the Academy Awards are not too far away!  You can be sure I will have a few opinions to express when the time comes.  I just hope the stars do not disappoint!

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