Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Quest For Lavender

Moving into a new place can bring about an adventurous treasure hunt.  Today I explored our backyard which holds a brambly haven for birds, a lawn that takes an hour and a half to mow, and a raised bed with mysterious plantings.  Amongst the questionable foliage and weeds I discovered a marker with "lavender -->" on it, and immediately I was intrigued.  Lavender?  Where?

I saw rocks, roots, other markers, and worms, but no lavender.  I found strawberry plants, Italian flat leaf parsley, what I assume are raspberry bushes, and stunning hyacinth flowers, but no lavender.  Cut back rose bushes bring the promise of lovely blooms in June.  Birch trees grace my yard with their papery branches.  And the chives shooting up from the earth make me think of great culinary uses.  But no lavender.  Well, if I don't find it I will plant some, and I just may place that old marker in the ground next to the bushes, so that its purpose will be fulfilled ... and I will search no more.


Anna said...

So exciting to watch a mystery garden unfold before your eyes for the first time!

Robin Bird said...

Twigs and berries!