Friday, April 22, 2011

It's All In The Details

Imagine how a seamstress would feel without her sewing machine, it's not ideal and she may feel a little lost, but ultimately she can make do.  That's how I feel as a graphic designer without use of my computer.  While my computer is out of commission for some updating, I've been using the "kids'" computer for all of my internet dealings and I'm feeling a bit out of sorts over it.  But I'm making do. Like doing my photo editing without my beloved Photoshop.  I've been using Picnik this past week, but the computer is slow and I don't know my way around it very well.  Still, I was able to work on some photos that I'm happy with.

I went to a wonderful bridal shower last weekend that was full of surprises.  In a little blink-and-you'll-miss it house in a Portland suburb, lies a world of wonders.  You would never know by the outside that the rooms are so rich with old world details and European charm.  Each room had something that pulled you in whether is a see-through fireplace, vintage furniture, cozy nooks and even a backyard pub!  Seriously, a garden shed was converted into a pub complete with banquettes and low-hanging chandeliers. Pretty much it was the perfect place for a girls' afternoon of showering a loved one with gifts for her upcoming wedding.

Bouquets with peach roses adorned nearly every surface.  Candles were lit everywhere, bringing a sense of warmth in the dreary weather.  A glass table was covered in pub style delights including Bangers & Mash, homemade Irish soda bread with potted cheese, miniature Guiness pot pies, and the most unbelievable desserts.  If I could have I would have gobbled up all of the little toffee pudding cakes in a blink of an eye!  And not only were we treated to such deliciousness, but we got to take home a book featuring many of the recipes of what we had at the shower - what an inventive idea!  

So, as I try the Dubliner Cheese Tart or whip up a batch of the Lemon Curd, I will remember that day.  I will remember the women, the laughter, the wine, the food and the blessings of being there.

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