Thursday, May 5, 2011

At The Market

Today was yet another gorgeous day.  The temperatures had reached 70° by 11:00 this morning as my son and I headed to the local growers market.  It was our first time seeing what our local farmers, artists, and bakers have to offer.

It was a colorful gathering with pots of fresh herbs, hanging baskets of flowers and the smell of fresh doughnuts wafting through the air.  We took our time, weaving back and forth between tents, stopping to look at the loaves of fresh bread or the latest picking of snow peas.  We gladly enjoyed an apple turnover and sipped decaf iced coffee.  There was even a man making balloon animals for the kids.  He was probably the most uncharismatic balloon man I ever met, but my son was quite pleased with his purple balloon sword anyway. 

I made note of a local producer of yarn, who raises her own goats and llamas, and kettle dyes the most vibrant yarns.  Hmm, I think I'll have to buy a skein or two for a lovely winter scarf, someday.

By the time we left, my market basket was filled with all kinds of goodies.  A pizza crust, almond pesto, snow peas and a bundle of iced sugar cookies.  A modest haul, but next time it will be much bigger I'm sure!

And even though it is Cinco de Mayo, we feasted on homemade Mediterranean style pizza (made from our findings at the market), Hefeweizen and sugar cookies. 

And it was SO good.

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heather said...

Farmer's market=pure bliss. Love your photos.