Monday, May 16, 2011

Beautiful, Gorgeous, Wish You Were Here

I admit, one of my favorite movies of all time is French Kiss.  What's not to love: Meg Ryan, France, vineyards and quotable movie lines?!  One of my favorite lines is from when Meg Ryan's character is walking up a quaint French village with stone buildings decorated with flowered window boxes and she says "Oh!  Beautiful, gorgeous, wish you were here!" as if she was writing a postcard of her adventures to a loved one.  Well, that is how I feel every time I drive through my beautiful state of Oregon.

We have everything here.  Mountains, (high) deserts, big cities, small towns and my personal favorite: the Pacific Ocean.  It seems with every turn in the road there is another sight to behold.  Over the weekend we visited Meemaw and Boppa in Central Oregon, the first time since we moved to our new town.  Our route to their house is different now and as we drove along the winding Rogue River, I was greeted with cows grazing in lush pastures, hillsides spotted with vintage homes, and mountains that I had never laid eyes on.

 Mt. Thielsen near Crater Lake National Park.

It is always refreshing to get a new perspective on this state, this country, and this world that we live in.  This Earth that God made.  His creation is truly glorious.

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