Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Return Of My Little French School Girl

It was just last week that I was giving my son a haircut.  Looking a bit shaggy, I thought that a short "summer" cut was in order for him.  Well, much to my shock, my daughter asked me to give her a haircut too.  Then I was REALLY shocked when she used her hand to make a slicing motion at her chin, indicating the length she was thinking!

It was two years ago when she picked up a pair of scissors and decided to give herself a "trim", resulting in a very short bob.  I loved the look but she was sad to see her precious long locks go ... hence my shock at her desire to revisit that short coif.

Ready for her cut, she insisted upon a "before" and "after" photo, and I was happy to oblige.  Without any reservation on her part, I took that first snip below her chin.  The hair fell into her lap, which she examined, but her expression indicated nothing but excitement.  When I finished cutting her hair, she ran into the bathroom and let out an elated sigh.

Well, that was easy!  And surprisingly painless.

We all adore her new summer look and more importantly, she is one satisfied customer.


Zil said...

I love it! Now we can see more of that beautiful face!

PeePaw said...

She looks very beautiful. To me she looks more mature as well.

Kelly said...

I agree, you can see more of her beautiful face! Her eyes just pop, and it is SO much easier to brush through now.