Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hi Yah!

Sometimes I seriously wonder if my daughter is actually related to me.  She loves to read science fiction, she isn't shy in the slightest, she asks A MILLION questions a day, and now it appears she is athletic as well.  This girl can even do push-ups ... like a grown man!  Yup, it's a wonder we're related.
Since starting Tae Kwon Do in June, my daughter has earned three out of four stripes on her white belt, and I imagine she could have her orange belt by Christmas.  Not only that, but she is "Student-of-the-Month" at her karate studio.  
Her many accomplishments in such a short amount of time makes me one proud mama.  That is, if I really am her mama.  {grin}

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Zil said...

I used to wonder the same thing about you. Some of our desires are fulfilled by the children that pass through us.