Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Four Going on 15

In a previous post I mentioned that sometimes I think my daughter is four going on 15. I just thought I would elaborate as to why I think that is.

Ah, my daughter. She was born a sturdy robust little lady weighing in at 8 pounds exactly. Born into a family of emotional and dramatic women, she was bound to follow suit. And she does.

It is like she has two sides to her; as a four-year old, she thinks everything is exciting! From buying yogurt at the store to having sparkles glued on to her shoes, life is an exhilarating adventure. She gives great hugs, tells me she loves me, and even volunteers to share her ice cream with her little brother. Sometimes she looks like a little girl; ribbons in her hair, butterflies on her shirt, and anything “princess” is a hit. And when she sleeps she still looks like a she did when she was a baby. Overall she is a sweet, happy and good natured little girl.

My sweet little four-year old.

Then there are times where I could swear she is a teenager.

She is often asleep when I go to get her up in the morning. If you wake her before she is ready to get up … WATCH OUT. She is emotional, grouchy, and on the verge of a major breakdown! She is dramatic, to say the least, and really knows how to overreact. She has definite ideas about what she wants to wear, and goes through her drawers in a frenzy trying to find just the right ensemble. Clothes are flung everywhere, her room never stays clean, she changes her outfit five times a day, and I already can’t understand most of what she says. It’s like she already speaks in the language of teenagers that adults cannot decode. Part angst, part mania, part mumbling. And much to my surprise, she says “I freaked out” a lot. I really don’t know where she learned that!

My moody teenager.

It is wonderful to see her personality develop as she grows. However, if her current behavior is any indication what her teen years will be like … help me!

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