Thursday, July 3, 2008


This is my first installment of "KidBits". Grandparents and loved ones are always asking about what the kids are up to, and since they change and grow everyday, I'm sure I will have many entries dedicated to them.

Yesterday when I went to get my daughter up for a nap she brought her Cinderella book up to me and said she had a question. "Mom, why is "God" in the Cinderella book?" I had to look where she was pointing, then I realized the word was "Godmother", but she ignored the "mother" part. I thought back to earlier that day when we were practiced writing the uppercase "G", and then how we were reading a kids Bible and learning about Noah. This girl is smart! She really picks up on things. Then she asked, "Do God and Jesus live together in Heaven?", after I said "Yes" she said "I think God has a friend - Jesus!". I know the concept of God and his Son is a bit over her head (it is over mine at times too), but I am amazed by the honest and simple observations of a child.

My 15 month old son loves to eat goldfish crackers. Recently I had bought the kind that had starfish shapes, and when I pour a handful out on his high chair tray, he will go straight for the starfish first. I have noticed my daughter does too. Maybe, like the green M&Ms, the starfish crackers just taste better!

We are going on a spontaneous camping trip to Willow Lake today until Saturday. I hope to post some photos from that trip when we get back. Happy 4th of July!

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