Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Ups and Downs of Buying Online

The Amazon Marketplace on is a great place to find used books. As long as the book is in good condition, I don't care if it isn't new. But beware! Always read up on the feedback for the seller. I recently bought a book from a seller that I didn't check up on and I never received the book, my money back, or any response from them. As I was leaving my negative feedback on their profile, I noticed how many other people have had the same problems I did. Save yourself the hassle of filing a claim and do your research.

This little hiccup isn't going to prevent me from buying more books. There is something so exciting about anticipating a package in the mail; picking it up from the mailbox; opening the gift I bought for myself; and beginning a new adventure. I just ordered a book today (after viewing the seller's profile of course). I bought The Creative Call: An Artist's Response to the Way of the Spirit. It is very well reviewed and I've read that it is life changing! Basically it is aimed to help you integrate your art into your walk with God. Being a creative person, I am always looking for more ways to express my ideas and I want to use them for God's glory. I plan to post my insights and discoveries as I go through the book.


Zil said...

Great blog! I'm really impressed!

I came across the book "Style Statement" that I think you would be interested in too. The authors have a website:

PeePaw said...

I really enjoyed reading all of your blogs. The pictures are great too! Aren't those the same trunks Jack wore last year? He must have really been lost in them back them.

I can hardly wait to see all of you in August. Until then ...