Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My Latest Experiments

Welcome to the first posting of my blog! I will start by sharing my latest experiments: trying to keep an outdoor plant alive. I love petunias and beautiful summer flowers, but my problem is that I forget to water my plants. So, because produce and herbs are getting more expensive when you buy them in the store, I bought a pot of herbs.

My new acquisition includes chives, sweet basil, and cilantro. I use chives quite a bit in my cooking because they are smaller than scallions and have a milder flavor. Basil will be great for tomato sauces, but I am not sure what to do with all of the cilantro. It is an acquired taste. I guess I'll have to start making my own salsa. Fortunately, we have a sprinkler system installed in our back yard and I placed the pot where it can get water and full sun as needed. Don't die, little plant, please don't die!

Then there is the feat of trying to get my daughter to keep her room moderately clean. I am not unreasonable, I know she is a four-year old and is bound to make messes. However, it is nearly impossible for me to get to her bed or window without stepping on a Barbie shoe or a princess crown. I have discovered that she is interested in "making money" so she can spend it - probably on more Barbie shoes and princess crowns! I have discovered that she is actually motivated to pick up her toys with the promise of funds. My husband and I are trying to come up with expectations and rewards for earning an allowance. Fortunately, a quarter is a lot of money to a little girl!

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