Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Own Personal Color Palette

I admit it; I am a bit of a Martha Stewart fan. However, lately my fascination with her and my love for her products have faded somewhat. I guess I just feel that she is stuck in a rut. A lot of the ideas for home keeping, crafts, and “Good Things” are recycled. Plus, I really think that she designs for herself.

Don’t get me wrong, she – meaning her staff of hundreds of editors and assistants – has great ideas. I have subscribed to her magazine, watched her show and now I will occasionally read her blog. This recent post mentions her trip to a Michael’s store where her craft line is sold. I have seen her line, up close and personal. Everything is packaged beautifully and everything is Martha perfect. However, I got overwhelmed by all of the Bedford Brown and Pistachio Green and Robin’s Egg Blue. I like all of these colors, but I don’t want them to be my only choices for photo boxes or crafting markers. She designs for her own color palette.

When I look at my daughter, certain colors come to mind. Girly Pink, Hot Pink, Sunshine Yellow, and Sky Blue. That is easy; she is a very feminine four year-old! This got me thinking: what is my color palette? This is what I have come up with:


An opaque orangish red pigment. Not exactly my favorite color, but it best represents me. It is warm but not fiery; not too orange and not too red. It is pleasant to look at and is wonderful as an accent color or by itself.


A calm green. I have a lot of this around my house. It is a great shade that brings colors together.


What can I say; it goes with everything and is always in style. It is oh so Audrey.


I find this off-white to be more elegant than white…and I look better in it!

These colors are a part of my palette for various reasons whether it be what I like to wear, how I decorate my house, or what I have adopted as my signature color. Ironically, my favorite color is Maya Blue, but it is not a color that belongs in my palette or that people associate with me.


What colors are you?

By the way, Martha’s blog is pretty nice. It is great to see her on what I consider to be a more personal level. She takes her own photos and displays them just like everybody else. It makes her seem more human.


PeePaw said...

You should know what colors I am! Black, of course, Orange (for obvious reasons, maroon, dark green ... you starting to see a patten here? Except orange, I really like dark colors. They are so sliming after all!!!

Kelly said...

When I was writing this I thought of other people's colors, and black and orange sprang to mind when I thought of you! I can totally see the maroon for you too.