Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog Fodder

Ever since starting this blog, I look at life in a whole new light. I often think “will this make a good story on my blog?”. My husband can attest to the fact that I will call interesting things, “blog fodder”. So, I have decided that postings with “blog fodder” in the title will be fun stories that I have wanted to post, but may be unrelated to each other.

Time for Money

Sunday is allowance day for my daughter. My husband and I sat her down and told her that since she was a good girl and did what she was asked (clean room, take dishes to the kitchen) she would get the money she earned. We told her to go get her piggy bank. As she darted up the stairs, she yelled “Yaaaay! Time for moneeeeeyyyyyy!”

Alright! You’re Cool!

My son loves to display his new found skill of giving five. If you hold out your hand and say “gimme five” he will get a huge smile on his face and slap your hand with both of his. After he does that I will say “Alright! You’re cool!”; this causes him to giggle and squeal with delight. Then that makes me giggle and squeal with delight. Ah, kids are so fun!

I’ll Have My Usual

Earlier this month, in The Greatest Invention of All Time, I mentioned how much I love my stovetop cappuccino maker. That thing really is fabulous. But sometimes I have a lot of errands to run and I’ll indulge in having someone else make it for me. I will take my Starbucks travel coffee cup with me, that I bought five years ago, and go through a drive-thru. Well, today it happened! Someone actually remembered my usual order!

I pulled up and started to hand over my cup and she said “Coconut right? And decaf?”. Yesssss! She actually remembered my coffee cup with the watermelon print on it and that’s how she recalled my order from last time. Next time I’ll just pull up and say “I’ll have my usual.” I’ve always wanted to say that!

If you see this cup headed your way, please know that my "usual" is a tall decaf cappuccino with a hint of coconut.

The Many Faces of Facebook

I never realized how behind in the online world I was until I joined Facebook (two days ago), and discovered how many people from my past already had profiles. In such a short time of being on there, I already have nine “friends” and most of them are people I knew from high school or the church I went to many years ago. It is a great way to catch up with people and network.

I’m feeling nostalgic. Suddenly I am sent back to the days of Beach Olympics, Mexico mission trips, and CVHS football games. My wish is that my children will have similar growing experiences and opportunities that I did.


Zil said...

Can you make a chai latte with your cappucino maker?

Kelly said...

I have never tried it. I'm really only supposed to use espresso ground coffee in it and I don't know how tea leaves would do. I would be nice to make a chai latte at home!

PeePaw said...

It is refreshing to know that I am not your only "blog fodder". I love that term ... blog fodder!

Kelly said...

Anything can be blog fodder if I want to write about it! I love that term too! I'm so proud of myself for coming up with it.