Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kilroy Was Here

In my household we are often busy doing projects. Sometimes it is improving our home by painting a wall or building a deck (which we are getting ready to begin). My projects are usually computer related like writing this blog for instance. My husband’s projects are not so easy and not so cheap.

Back in 2002 before we had kids or had even bought a house we purchased a “fun” car. Seeing in the paper there was a 1967 Austin Healey Sprite convertible for sale, we decided to head right over and take it for a test drive. That very night we drove home our daffodil yellow beauty. Being as we are the type of people who name cars and other inanimate objects, our new car was named "Puck" – Shakespeare lovers may find the connection with this spritely name.

We had Puck for six years and he was a good little car. People would glance or honk when they saw him. He was BRIGHT yellow, you couldn’t miss him! But, since having children we weren’t able to drive in him together anymore, and the engine decided to poop out. So we sold him.

Puck in all of his glory. Doesn't he make you smile?

The absence of Puck gave my husband an itch. He decided he wanted a “project” car that was in good mechanical shape, but that he could fix up the body and sell for more than he bought it for. After spending weeks on Craig’s List looking at everything from an International Scout to a Hudson Hornet, he settled on a 1958 Willys Jeep CJ5. He brought it home yesterday, thanks to our friends who lent us their truck, and let me give you a little description of his new acquisition.

This, uh, car is in pretty rough shape to say the least. Originally white, there are holes, cracks and some rust. There were bumper stickers, T-shirts over the torn seats, and the gas gauge is literally a stick with a line on it that says “HELP!”. But, despite its beauty flaws, it runs great and is mechanically sound. And according to my husband, the off-road capabilities are phenomenal. Plus I have to admit it is pretty cool that the horn makes the “Ahhroooooga” sound when you honk it!

Kilroy. I can just imagine him with beautiful metallic paint and a skimpy bikini top!

Our compulsiveness about naming our cars sparked a debate over what to name the Jeep. I came up with “McFly” that I thought was well suited to a 1950s car. My husband wants to name it “Kilroy” after the American popular culture expression. Being that this isn’t my project – except perhaps the choosing of the paint color – Kilroy it is. Besides, the smell of its exhaust lends itself to a name that has the word kill in it.


Zil said...

Can you fit 2 car seats in it?

Kelly said...

Nope! Two car seats won't fit in it as it is. This is not a family car and I don't have much interest in driving it. We'll have to stick with the Pilot for family outings!

PeePaw said...

Once again I have to live vicariously (sp) through my daughter. I always wanted a CJ5. Really the first time I drove once for any amount of time was a rental a couple of years ago in Hawaii. Kilroy looks like a lot of fun to me ... must be a male thing!

Kelly said...

Yeah, I think Kilroy is only two speeds. I'm not a rough and tumble kind of person, so I like cars that are smooth and easy to drive. I remember you saying that you drove a Jeep convertible in Hawaii. I didn't realize it was a CJ5. You'll have to take Kilroy out for a drive when you come out here!

PeePaw said...

What are the two speeds slow and fast ... Oh Wait! this is a Jeep ... slow and slower? Jeeps were never really built for speed. They are like a Bulldog ... not too fast but they certainly can go where ever they want to go (or the driver wants them to go).