Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cotton Candy and Carnival Games

My husband works for a large company that has a private picnic every August. Nearly half the town attends this big event because nothing sounds better than having your place of work foot the bill for your meal and an afternoon of fun.

When we first got to the picnic – held at a local sports park – we were a little concerned that there was only a handful of people out on the field playing carnival games. We have gone to this picnic a few years now and there were usually a lot more people. Then we found out that the food was being served in the indoor soccer facility. Upon entering the building, we realized that was where everyone was. The place was packed! Tables were set up with blue and white check tablecloths and the food line was huge. I, myself enjoyed a wonderful beef brisket sandwich and pasta salad. We even played BINGO which helped my daughter practice her numbers. We didn’t win, not even once.

Enjoying the afternoon of fun and sun.

When we were done eating we headed back outdoors. My daughter wanted to get her face painted, but first she won some bubbles by throwing a football in a carnival game. Then we went to the face painting booth. There were two teenaged boys doing the painting but they really weren’t qualified. I realize that they wouldn’t hire professionals for such a job, but come on! The easiest thing in the world is to draw a snake and this is what they came up with:

Can you tell that is a snake on my son's cheeK?

My bedazzled daughter.

My son was offered cotton candy for the first time. He obviously didn't care for it.

My daughter, however, loved it!

It was a perfect day for hanging out in the sunshine.

After creating bead necklaces and eating cotton candy we decided to call it a day. Both kids slept like babies when we got home. We’ll do it all again next year.


Zil said...

Probably the spider web texture of cotton candy did not appeal to Jack. Sounds like a very nice gathering!

PeePaw said...

Now! Now! I knew what was on Jack's face. If I had drawn a snake on his face it would have looked like a crazed worm! I can't even draw a stick figure and make it look like a stick figure!